Collection: Dr Ceuracle

Dr Ceuracle, formerly Leegeehaam, is Korea's first cosmeceutical pioneer brand developed by dermatologists in a lab.  As its named suggests, it is a combination of cosmeceutical and miracle. 
Its products are formulated from natural ingredients based on its findings by dermatologists in the skin research lab. As its trademark symbol reflects the 'Seed Mark', the medical science % and the beginning of a new life in nature.
Since 2000, compiling clinical studies and data, Dr Ceuracle is thriving with its slogan of 'Curing Skin, Caring Beauty', curing skin troubles and caring for beauty professionally. One of its sought after product line is Vegan Kombucha Tea, which is renowned for its skincare benefits by providing hydration and detoxifying toxins for a balanced, healthy-looking complexion.

Dr.Ceuracle - Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence - Canlandırıcı Besleyici Komb –  Korendy Türkiye