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The name “Frudia” is a combination of the words “fruit” and “dia”- a Greek word meaning “by” or “of”, which literally is what Frudia is - skincare products that contains real fruit and all its goodness!
Realizing how beneficial naturally derived nutrients from fruits could be, Frudia devoted 30 years of extensive research to bring the goodness of whole real fruit deep into the skin to deliver optimum skincare results.
By using low temperature extraction techniques to preserve all the benefits of real fruits, all the nutrition and naturally occurring antioxidants are maintained. Frudia promises to produce only the most natural and effective fruit solutions to make your skin nurture & glow.
Skin remedy with pure nature by preserving fruits elements including colour, scent & texture. They also deem to handle all their products with honesty & minimise all unnecessary chemicals.
With adorable mimic honey pots of creams, nature inspired packaging and if you know the goodness of fruits for health then this brand is not to be missed!

REVIEW | Dry Skin Relief with Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Mask - Beauty Memo

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