Collection: Peripera

Legend has it that the fairy Peri from ancient Persia carried around a magical pouch called Pera and turned into an alluring woman. Inspired by this magical fantasy, Peripera combines total beauty with reproducing the magic of the lovely beauty alchemist Peri with modern technology. 
Peripera, launched in 2006, is a vibrant, energetic brand aimed at young independent women that are living life to the fullest & experimenting with life along their journey. Its attractive packaging, multitude of pastel soothing colours, and transformational products appeals greatly to the eager audience. Its products offer great thought and magical fun that can be easily used comfortably with the latest & hottest trends. Its ink airy velvet lip tints and multi functional pallets are amongst it's successful launches. 
Be part of the magical journey - Peripera.

PeriPera Ink Airy Velvet 018 Cherry Punch + Keyring Set - The Ichigo Shop