Collection: Tocobo

Tocobo is a relatively new vegan and cruelty-free brand that has gained popularity because of its aesthetic and innovative ideas. Its pastel blue clear sky themes are calming and their product packaging is top notch.
Their philosophy is to always challenge the status quo. They deem their designs reflect innovative current trends. Modern art, nature, and philosophy are the foundation of their inspiration.
They pride themselves as a brand created based on intuition. They say: "You intuitively recognise a good product which contains insight into beauty". 
And they couldn't be anymore precise, as when you pick up and start to unravel the packaging, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and your confidence starts to grow as you are convinced you have something beautiful within - it is almost like a child in a candy store; you know the feeling!

TOCOBO AHA BHA Lemon Toner 150ml | Korean Moisturizer |