Collection: Laneige

Laneige's name comes from the French "la neige", which translates to "the snow".
Laneige is one of the strong pillars of the K-beauty world, with its clean cut image and innovative developments that deliver the results. A great example is its 'Lip sleeping mask' that sent waves across the globe. It really is the epitome of beauty desires.
Laneige reflects individuality and uniqueness, and believes everyone can bloom their inner & outer light. Laneige pursues not only healthy balanced skin but also a healthy & balanced attitude towards life. No matter what life throws at you and your skin, Laneige hopes to accompany you to move forward with confidence and your true self. Laneige helps you to be glowing beautiful all the time. 
Feel the glow - feel the unique light that laneige inspires upon you!

BUY 1 TAKE 1] Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Set 8g | Lazada PH