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Inspired by the motto 'products made for you' - comes Itfer: 'it' for product and 'fer' for you. It also sounds like the Korean word 'pretty' which is a word to bring a smile to your face. 
Itfer's slogan; "it differs" - words of comfort, we seek to reveal true, unique beauty within everyone.
"You are beautiful because it's you, keep your smile on, beauty is within you so, it differs".
Itfer is inspired by everyone being different, thus beauty is different, so by accepting differences and improving on beauty, that it how Itfer seeks true beauty.
It uses nature derived ingredients that are safe, mild, and appropriate for the skin. It is also cruelty free. 
Itfer's product packaging is aesthetic and it's logo brings a smile to your face. You really need to hold it to experience its calming effects.

Sữa Rửa Mặt Dạng Gel Itfer Korean Pear Vitamin C Purifying Cleansing Gel  150ml | Shopee Việt Nam

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