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Cosrx The Vitamin C 13 Serum - 20ml

Cosrx The Vitamin C 13 Serum - 20ml

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Product Information

The Cosrx The Vitamin C 13 Serum is suitable for daily use on even the sensitive skin. With regular use it will help to effectively fades blemishes, dark spots, and freckles, while improving overall skin tone and refining texture. Additionally, it works to reduce the size of pores. This serum is ideal for individuals looking to incorporate vitamin c into their daily skincare routine, targeting issues such as uneven skin tone, dark spots, pigmentation, freckles, fine lines, wrinkles, and rough skin texture.
Key ingredients
13% Pure Vitamin C: Improves discoloration and uneven skin tone.
Tocotrienol(Super Vitamin E) : Boasts up to 50 times greater anti-oxidizing efficacy than Tocopherol.
Hyaluronic Acid and Allantoin : Provides moisture and relieves irritation.

How to use

Cleanse your skin and put a toner. Then apply few drops of serum to the skin. User fingertips to gently massage and absorb the serum, starting from the inside of the face working towards the edges. 
*When using new products, a patch test is recommended before use.


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