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Mixsoon Vitamin C Powder - 8g

Mixsoon Vitamin C Powder - 8g

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Product Information

Mixsoon Vitamin C powder is a DIY powder that can be effortlessly blended with any skincare products to boost their effects and transform them into a new formulation. A swift and potent method for achieving luminous, hydrated skin. The powder is of a soft, fine consistency. It aids in brightening and revitalizing dull skin.

How to use

mixsoon Vitamin C Powder is designed to increase the effects of your daily skincare when used together in synergy with other products. Mix and melt a pinch of vitamin powder with your favorite essence or serum on your hands, and apply the skincare to boost brightening effects.

Highly recommended to use together with Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
Suitable for daily use, both during morning and evening routines.


Ascorbic Acid

No alcohol. No artificial fragrance.
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